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Benefits for you

At Sierra Blanca Global we understand how important it is for our customers to find the luxury villa of their dreams in the Costa del Sol and when we take responsibility for your project, we take it very seriously. As such, when you trust us with the design and/or construction of your house, you can rest easy knowing that it is in safe hands.


Reasons why you should build your house with Sierra Blanca Global

SPECIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. We understand that everything is about you and your needs. By building your house, we want to offer a close and familiar service, before, during and after the completion of the construction.

QUALITY AND LUXURY FINISHES. Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We carefully choose the best systems and materials for construction and we guarantee luxury finishes.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. We have a firm commitment to the environment and, thus, we design energy efficient houses. Additionally, we reduce construction waste as much as possible and we make sure to use ecological construction systems such as Sismo, which uses cement instead of wood in the walls and whose preparation process does not pollute.

WE MEET DEADLINES. Our constructions are always delivered within the agreed period and date. We work quickly on our constructions without risking the loss of the smallest amount of quality.

POST-SALE GUARANTEE. We will take care of any setback resulting from the construction of a house that may occur after the delivery of the keys and we will make sure to solve this as soon as possible. Our post-sale guarantee puts our customers at ease.

PROFESSIONALISM. A TEAM AT YOUR SERVICE. Thanks to the combined experience of our team, Sierra Blanca Global is able to deal with any request related to the design of the project or its construction without changing the budget or the predicted deadline.

HONESTY AND SERIOUSNESS. Throughout the years, the formality and seriousness of our business with customers and suppliers has made us one of the leading construction companies in Marbella. We believe in an honest project for the future, in which we shall continue to lead the sector, not only because of our good results but also because of the satisfaction of our customers, our best guarantee.

INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY. Our technical team is constantly learning about and improving the construction process, adopting new systems and using innovative materials on our constructions which will make us stronger, technologically speaking.

Why choose us?

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