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House construction in Marbella

Villas de lujo en Marbella 2 March, 2019

Top trends for house construction in Marbella

The construction of houses in Marbella is our main activity. Since we started operating as a construction company on the Costa del Sol more than 10 years ago, we have carried out all kind of projects, going through different trends, from rustic style homes to minimalist design villas, to which we have been incorporating innovative services and technologies, to make the life of its inhabitants much more comfortable.

In recent years the design and construction of houses in Marbella has become somewhat more demanding. The quality finishes and materials have become a sine qua non condition for building a luxury home. In addition, we find other trends that nobody want to miss.

1. Sustainable materials and techniques for house construction

It is undoubtedly one of the trends that mark 2019. Home buyers in Marbella and throughout Spain are becoming aware of the need to care for and respect the environment, starting with the construction of their homes. The use of recycled materials or new construction techniques, as industrialized or prefabricated systems are some of the new trends our clients are demanding, but also the application of eco-efficient methods to build a passivhouse.

2. Houses with plentiful natural light

Why not take advantage of natural light in your new home? The aim is to seek, from the design phase of the project, the best use of light. For that purpose, the orientation of the house is studied in detail, but elements such as large windows or glass curtains are also designed to take advantage of the sun hours, especially in cities as Marbella. In addition, the houses open to the natural light stand out for their high values ​​of energy efficiency, which make sustainable homes.

Villas de lujo en Marbella

Luxury villas in Marbella

3. Home automation to make your life more comfortable

A home automation system manages lighting or air conditioning, windows and window blinds, appliances, and other items around the house, with a simple push of a button or a voice command. We are talking of a smart home technology we have integrated in the construction of luxury homes in Marbella because they make life easier and allow to save energy.

4. Open plan concept for the kitchen, dining and living room

It is perhaps the construction trend of houses in Marbella that we see most in our projects. The new lifestyles of the cities have led many families to opt for these integrating spaces, where cooking, living and dining are a whole. Without walls or doors that separate them, although with certain elements that delimit environments, the well-known open plan concept allows greater functionality and space saving, at the same time that gives the house a contemporary style.


Open plan concept

5. Construction of basement as leisure and relaxing zone

The basement is no longer that place in the house where we store old junk. Nowadays it has become into an extra area of ​​the house, with great added values, as a private cinema, a gym or a spa area. Take advantage of the basement to provide complementary services to your home in Marbella is a truly trend.

Reforma integral de viviendas unifamiliares de lujo en Marbella

6. House construction with stunning views

Naturally, on the Costa del Sol the construction of luxury homes is characterized by the views of the sea or the mountain, or both if possible. Projects are designed thinking of the best use of these views, allowing its inhabitants to admire the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea from the bed or enjoy cooking with views to La Concha.


They are some of the latest trends in the construction of houses in Marbella, but not the only ones. The construction industry, like other sectors, is constantly changing and innovating. With the reactivation of the real estate activity, the building techniques and methodologies are advancing really fast, with a single objective: better results, improving the quality of life inside and outside home.

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