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Professional turnkey solutions in the Costa del Sol

Our Sierra Blanca Global Developments department specialises in offering a B2B service for property development companies that looks for professional turnkey solutions in the Costa del Sol with the best return on their investment.

Recent opportunities on the Costa del Sol, created a demand for our development management services for investors, whom had acquired sites along the Costa del Sol, but were without local infrastructure or local experience, and or a preference to avoid the inevitable first time learning curve experiences by setting up their own organization in a foreign market, due to the multitude of moving parts to conceive and successfully bring to market a sustainable real estate project without experience or time to manage local market particularities.

Knowledge, experience and business vision at your service

Sierra Blanca Global Developments provides our clients with a professional turnkey development solution ensuring optimal investment returns.

Born originally from another successful development group, the knowledge, technical experience and vision are inherent in the makeup of our organization.

Throughout the years, we have participated in the construction of luxury urban resorts of great importance. An experience that has shown us that the economic sustainability of a large multiphase project is achieved with a longer term perspective, taking into account economic cycles, conceiving sustainable projects through timeless design, environmental responsibility, and most importantly, in depth local market experience about the size, quality and price point of the products that are viable within particular areas of the Costa del Sol. Over 20 years on the Costa del Sol have provided a sensitive understanding of the different locations on the coast, and within them, the identification of different market niche opportunities.

Key points of our turnkey construction service for developers

We accompany our investor members throughout the entire process, advising them on the different aspects with one clear goal: to convert the project into an attractive and affordable property package.

1. We identify the effective product and optimal market value for the site. Apart from our local experience, we approach every new project by collecting extensive recent market data. Data is analysed to propose and later input into our financial models, optimal number of units, types of units, sizes of units, and their respective conservative development costs and selling prices.

2. We design an architecture project that is extremely attractive and profitable. With market data and our experience, we define the product, and then our design team can commence envisioning how to package these residential products in a commercially attractive and sustainable envelope. The advantages of having construction professionals within our organization affords our in house design team resources to project within budget provisions. Projects are defined in detail implementing the latest design software, which minimizes the risks of cost deviations during the construction phase. This leads to added benefits in two ways:

  • For the investor or developer, our management of the quality of the architectural projects, which are critical documents that directly impact project cost, time to build, project build quality, and consequently the majority of project risk, are expertly managed by our development management team.
  • For the final customer, because this provides end clients with the delivery of a product that meets expectations, reducing the investor or developer’s post sale costs.

3.Support for the commercialization of the houses. Within Sierra Blanca Global Developments, experienced professionals specialized in sales and marketing, brand, package and position the product optimally, so that our developments can be officially launched into the market as per our initial development schedule, and increase the probability of complying with projected sales velocities.
Our direct commercialization of real estate projects feeds our design team with insight into preferences from buyers about architectural styles, spaces, and building qualities.

4.Quality construction with a set overall price. Having ensured the production of a quality architectural project, Sierra Blanca Global Construction is able to present reliable risk free closed construction pricing. Construction pricing can be offered on an open books cost plus basis, or other formula which ensure the investor of our competitive construction pricing. The realization of the project on site is expertly managed by our experienced site managers and foreman which ensure quality finishes to the last detail.

5. An exceptional after sale service. Meticulously planned development programs are carried out for 12, 24 or even perhaps 36 months, depending on the scale of the project. Especially on multiphase projects, it is important to provide service and product guarantees to ensure client satisfaction, so that a positive value is transmitted to buyers of subsequent phases, or in other cases that the developer is recognized for delivering quality projects.

Sierra Blanca Global can be your professional local development partner in the Costa del Sol

In addition, once a project is engaged, you will be met withconstant and fluid communication:

  • We plan face to face meetings with the client once a month.
  • We perform weekly conference calls to report on progress.

Reporting can be adapted to the particular needs of our clients whether if they are based locally or abroad.

Are you interested in our turnkey service for developers? Call or email us to schedule a meeting to discuss your project, and how we can be of service.

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