Company of builders and design of luxury homes Marbella | Malaga



Company of builders and design of luxury homes Marbella | Malaga


Design of luxury homes Marbella | Malaga

Sierra Blanca Global design and architectural services mainly specialize on residential projects from bespoke detached villas to multi-unit housing developments. For those searching for a company that provides both design and project construction, Sierra Blanca Global offers all the services required under one roof. Our extensive experience on the construction site allows our team to design homes, buildings and developments with knowledge of construction costs and consideration for the developer´s target budget from the beginning of project conceptualization.

Our design team can work with international architects outside of Spain chosen for a preferred architectural style and liaise with them, from information about Spanish building normative, to the joint technical direction of the construction. Spanish licensed architects have to be responsible for all construction projects in Marbella and Spain.

Sierra Blanca Global provides interior design, interior architectural services, and landscaping design for your buildings, developments or villas.  We can also coordinate our design team with the client´s chosen interior designers.



Sierra Blanca Global goes beyond local building normative by designing sustainable projects with improved energy efficiency, higher thermal insulation, greater acoustic insulation, and ultimately resulting in homes that are ready for the future. We pride ourselves on the capacity to design and build sustainable projects, which are architecturally attractive, being durable, highly energy efficient, functional and completed within projected budgets and time frames.

If desired Sierra Blanca Global can offer the design and construction of LEED and BREAM compliant buildings in Marbella and Spain.

Our team of professionals is proud to have built hundreds of quality projects for happy homeowners.



3D imaging has become a necessary tool for the architect to aid the client or developer in better envisioning architectural plans. Three-dimensional images can accurately reflect design plans of interiors, exterior facades and landscaping, and greatly assist in the communication between architect and client.

In the case of developers, designing a project for sale, 3D renders of the architectural plans greatly improve the marketability of projects before construction is completed.
Our architects interpret and convert your ideas into the home of your dreams which through the use of 3D images will help clients better envision the finished project before construction commences, allowing for improved project definition during the design stage, which results in various cost and time optimizations during the construction phase.

Through our 3D designs we can plan the layout of every room and design all the small details, including decoration.



Once architectural designs are complete Sierra Blanca Global takes care of obtaining building permissions from the local planning authorities. Depending on the municipality this will require various visits to the local planning offices by our architects until we achieve building license approval. Upon completion of construction we obtain first occupation licenses and deliver the finished projects ready for habitation.